Color Atlas 

When you want to extract a particular color from among the countless colorful palettes and express the corporate identity, which door should you knock at if you want to find a company that can play the role of this spuit admirably? Let's pay attention to Color Atlas business, which begins ambitious in Coloz.

Color Atlas

Color Atlas will become a new standard for color selection by taking a vast amount of color data as knowledge and applying color to industry-wide areas with data as intelligence.

Through a B2B color marketing consulting, Color Atlas recommends the most suitable color for a particular company in all industries such as manufacturing, construction, automobile and IT as well as beauty and fashion. Just as there are no places in the world that cannot be colored, there is no limit on the identity of the Color Atlas to be colored. Color Atlas will be a universal standard for color identity to work with any company in the world.

The logo of Coloz is colored in daring and passionate red. Red color also has dynamic and vital power. The color permeates the style and the different colors are applied and changed differently from person to person, which is a reminder of the latent vital power and dynamic of color. Therefore, the red color is suitable to express the identity of Coloz, which expresses the personal color diagnosis business.

Just as suits range from formal to casual, and look is set for TPO, we will be able to use Color Atlas's palette in abundance through various variations in color, but we will be smart enough to match the company's identity.

Color Atlas, based on the classification of personal colors into four seasons, now systematizes B.I. and C.I. on four seasonal palettes. This will allow the company or brand to match the colors of B.I. or C.I quickly and efficiently depending on the sense of the season of the identity they want to express.

Unlike other color maps, the ability to recognize seasonal palettes and express corporate identity is an excellent benefit for companies using Color Atlas.

For example, an ice cream brand will go through a tortuous process of wandering happily among blue-base colors, from summer cool tone or winter cool tone palettes to choosing a cool color suitable for the brand's identity. Conversely, companies that produce goods for winter can stimulate consumer sentiment in winter, when warm colors are chosen from spring warm tone palettes to wait for warm spring.

In addition, trend colors will also be reflected to create new trends in business colors. Accordingly, if a company wants to change the color of its existing B.I. or C.I. trendy, Color Atlas can be a superb consultant. For future-oriented or state-of-the-art companies, choosing Princess Blue from Pantone's Color of the Year will be a befitting way to express their image.

In addition, fresh and colorful colors that researched and unearthed in Color Atlas is going to be exclusively sold at this platform. Also, color will be studied in greater depth in the future, based on a solid foundation of Coloz that has developed different views and approaches to color.

Color Atlas Ecosystem


Because it is an industry that puts out products of various colors, one should choose the color that can express the identity of an enterprise most clearly. Color Atlas provides a consulting service by cleverly selecting colors that reflect the types and properties of products produced by the company.


The logo of the construction company should contain a color that is both modern and traditional and future-oriented. Color Atlas provides an optimized color solution with the utmost respect for the architectural concepts and aesthetic values that the company is aiming for.


The vehicle's color is both dynamic and refined and luxurious. The logo of the automobile company is no different from this, so we recommend a color that reflects the concept of the vehicle, but at the same time helps to feel more forward-looking.


The color that can capture both the yearning for cutting-edge new technology and curiosity about the unknown world and cool and rational side at the same time suits the image of IT companies. Also, colors that contains urban mystery or have a secret and fascinating atmosphere are also suitable for IT company logos.


In the financial industry, which values delivering more clear messages to its customers, is mainly using colors in cool tone. While using colors in warm tone, sublimes into rational color by using supplementary color or by using deep or toned down color. What would a logo look like if it broke this frame?


While marketing companies are the main agents for marketing and promotion, they also carefully choose colors to promote the unique colors of the company's brands. As a customer is a marketer, Color Atlas helps you choose colors that can clearly reveal your company's identity.


In the pharmaceutical industry, which prefers colors that can give a sense of stability to the mind, favors basic colors. Blue, toned down red, and sometimes green. But the medical field also needs the new color logo. Just as in medicine always has innovation.


Electronic industries, which need to gain trust and secure safety, prefer a subdued color even if they use the original color. Color Atlas seeks to diversify its calmness for companies that are spreading the electronics industry. You can expect the results of the color experiment to include boldness in the calm color.


Entertainment companies are moving to express a creative world beyond reality with romantic pastel tones, or to show clear identity in dark or black colors. We deeply study and select the colors that best represent what the company is aiming for and the identity of the artists.


Foodservice and food industries such as fast food, beverages, and processed foods love red color. It is perfect for its appetizing color, and has excellent visibility, making it a sign for a restaurant. It is up to corporate customers to decide whether to challenge new red or different colors that no one has ever used.

Communications technology

Currently, the telecommunication industry is also using a lot of red colors to symbolize communication, energy and speed. But Color Atlas will bring out unexpected colors to help your company succeed in its differentiation strategy. Any color will be studied to contain energy that exceeds Red.


The fashion and beauty industries use the most diverse colors as they represent the beauty. They use a variety of colors such as black and gold, wine and orange. To encourage consumers to take pride in the use of certain brands, they are free to suggest colors with their individuality as a basis and the luxury as an option.